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Skincare Expert Interview

Skincare Expert Interview - ZAYA BEAUTY

There are so many things about skincare and our skin that we learn everyday. With trends being created, going viral, making us spend our coins on products that our skin may or might not even agree with, proving that all we want is the silky canvas looking skin. I decided to contact of my favorite skin care experts and put forward the most asked skin care questions and myths.

Meet Nesrine El Khouri. She studied cosmetology and practiced it in Canada. She then moved to Dubai, it was a big step in her career. She has mainly worked with skincare as a training manager and that has strengthened her experience and knowledge, having to work with different brands throughout the years. Today, she is on the Retail side of business, still rocking the skincare scene, in a more luxurious way! With 16 years of experience, her all time favorite advice is, “keep your skin hydrated“. 

Z- Hello Nesrine, its a pleasure to be talking to you today! I’ve asked my followers and friends to send me in questions related to skincare and was hoping to get my answers from you!

N- thank you, it is a pleasure always. 

How do I find out my skin type? 

You have to look closely at your skin in the mirror and how it feels in the morning when you wake up and at the end of the day. if the skin is shiny both in the morning and at the end of the day, you see large pores, sometimes it looks like “leather”, then it is an OILY SKIN. On the other hand, if you don’t see any pores at all on the surface, your skin is always matte-looking and it feels tight in the morning or after cleansing, then your skin is DRY. At last, if you see shine only on the T-zone (forehead, nose and chin) where pores are more noticeable and your cheeks are matte and feel tight after cleansing, then you have a COMBINATION SKIN. 

How do I know if a product it right for me?

Usually all skincare brands have different textures to suit different types of skins. In fact, the ones who have oily skin prefer light textures, and the ones who have dry skin prefer rich textures. 

I know you’re a foodie and so am I! What foods would you recommend for good skin?

I am a foodie yes and eating the right food had a big impact on my health. I am lucky to have a good skin in general but also i take care of what goes in my body: a lot of greens and fruits. I am pescatarian, almost vegan with no gluten, no dairy and that helped a lot. Drink a lot of water. 

Biggest acne myth? 

The more you wash  your face, the less breakout you will have.
NOT TRUE! a regimen with the right products and few tips to avoid self-contamination are key, such as do change your towel every time you use it, change your pillow case as well.
Simple but can help a lot. 

Oil first or moisturizer?

Either this or that. however if you do have an extremely dry skin,
mix both for a relieving effect.
I prefer oils in the evening and moisturizers in the morning. 

What is your current day/night time skincare routine?

Every day I cleanse and tone, then I put my serum and my moisturizer.
Sometimes, i use a pre-serum treatment if i feel that my skin is more dry than usual. In the morning, I use a sunscreen always. And of course, eye serum and cream. 

What tinted moisturizer would you recommend for women who don’t want a full coverage cake face?

I like La Roche-Posay tinted moisturizers or SVR. both can found in pharmacies.

Current fave cleanser, toner, cream and serum? 

All from La Prairie. I am in love with the Supreme Balm Cleanser, it is a balm that turns into oil then an emulsion when in contact with water. My toner is the Cellular Refining Lotion and when I am out or traveling, I use pure organic Rose Water. My day serum is Skin Caviar Liquid Lift and my night serum is Platinum Rare Cellular Night Elixir. My current moisturizer is the Skin Caviar Luxe Cream. Pure indulgence! 

Here's a link to her instagram below, go show her some love!

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