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Press on Nails: A Full-fledged Manicure Within Minutes

Press on Nails: A Full-fledged Manicure Within Minutes

To all the manicure lovers out there, what if I tell you that you can get a fresh manicure session anytime you want from the closest drugstore? Crazy right, it actually isn’t. Enter, Press-on nails.

Fake nails have been in the cosmetic industry for quite a while. However, they have been overshadowed by other cosmetic makeup items just like an awesome sidekick is overshadowed by a not-so-awesome superhero.

Undoubtedly, the intricacy of nail designs and the finesse of different nail colors have been the primary highlight of the beautification of nails. However, the majority of women have still relied on manicures more than resolving to a simpler and more efficient alternative of opting for fake nails.

Let’s have you for an example. Would you rather prefer a proper synthetic manicure session and satisfy yourself with a visit to the nail salon? Or you would like to turn to the different kinds of nail designs that consist of intricate nail art and exciting nail color options? As much as I would like you to pick the latter, the fact of the matter is that you would prefer the former.

However, considering your newfound interest in press-on fake nails, come explore how the nail design art has transitioned from generic fake nails to potential manicure-replacers.

Types of Press-On Nails

Over the years, the cosmetics industry has seen significant amounts of improvements and advancements in the types of fake nails with a multitude of nail designs and materials that have been used. Let’s take a walk down the memory lane and observe how far we’ve come.

Acrylic Nails

As the world realized that the beautification of nails could also be done by something other than the common manicure treatment, acrylic nails came into existence with the combination of acrylic glass and liquid monomers (apologies for the geeky stuff). The product caught public attention due to its capacity to bond to the natural nails despite being just like a paste.

As the fake nails began to gain traction, customers were excessively worried about the safety of the acrylic nails. Since the traces of monomers were rumored to remain even after removal, the usage of acrylic nails witnessed a significant drop. So despite it being the cheapest type of fake nails, acrylic nails with their various nail designs couldn’t sustain in the cosmetics industry.

Gel Nails

Second, on the list, Gel Nails have only just gained popularity in the last decade. If you haven’t guessed it already, these fake nails look and feel like regular nail polish (with their liquidy-nature) but, it is hardened with the introduction of a UV or LED light.

Although this type of fake nails is as simple as anything could get, the cosmetics industry is ridden with a lot of false information about this. Yes, the level of delicacy of nails can be considered to be exceedingly low, but the usage of gel nails is not as devastating as some would suggest.

Generally, gel nails are completely safe. Some might argue that the constant exposure of UV light to your fingers/nails might have some negative effects. This potential issue can be avoided by the usage of an LED light as an alternative which actually brings better results.

Dip Powder

Dip Powder has been the latest introduction in the nail designs section of the cosmetics industry. Although they’ve been around for a while, they’ve only just caught public attention in the past couple of years. It’s basically acrylic, in powder form.

As absurd as it might sound, dip powder actually has better safety as compared to the original acrylic fake nails.

Tips for application of Press-On Nails

If you’re worried that despite the extravagant nail art and nail designs that come with the usage of fake nails, you might somehow end up hurting your nail bed, relax I have a pro tip ready for you.

Before the application of these fake nails, I prefer painting a couple of coats of clear polish and glittery varnish on the top of my nails. This helps when I’m removing the press-on nails because now instead of removing parts of my nail bed, it will get hold of the nail polish first. So there you go, consider it as protective gear for your beloved nails. 

Lastly, if I have been successful in spiking your interest in press-on nails, you might want to check out the various fake nail designs that are being offered at Zaya Beauty. You can find them here.

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