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Magnetic lashes - will they replace false lashes for good?

Magnetic lashes - will they replace false lashes for good?

With the frequent usage of fake eyelashes and lash extensions, it is safe to say that around the world, women are inclined to having longer and fuller eyelashes. The traditional false eyelashes have been in our makeup routines since.., forever, but their messiness and the sheer frustration they bring in their application and removal have been a major pain for women across the world. Fun time, regardless! 

However, the beauty trends are changing across the world bringing more adaptability and the tendency of susceptibility to painful methods is being minimized at a rapid pace. This is why women in fashion are encouraging the new alternative to the traditional fake eyelashes, enter Magnetic Eyelashes.

Before we dive into the details, let’s find out what really are magnetic lashes and how are they a viable alternative to the traditional false eyelashes.

What are Magnetic Eyelashes and what is their specialty?

Magnetic Eyelashes are the new craze in the cosmetics industry! The makeup savvy women who have been a fan of longer and fuller fake eyelashes would agree with the amount of sheer struggle they have to go through to apply the regular falsies. The issue of the messy glue and not to forget the immaculate dexterity required to find the perfect placement for the false eyelashes have been a real pain in the makeup routine.

Thankfully, our struggles have been heard and the fashion world is now witnessing a mature and extremely safe alternative to the regular false eyelashes.


Magnetic eyelashes allow you to get rid of the finicky lash glue as they attach to each other with two magnetic strips that snap right over your natural eyelashes. Resulting in gorgeous lashes in a matter of seconds.

But, replacing the sticky glues with magnetic snapping and clamping on your eyes, still seems a rather emerging beauty trend. Is it safe enough? Let’s find out!

Are Magnetic Eyelashes safe?

It is extremely common to wonder if the magnetic eyelashes are safe or not given that they are “magnetic” in nature. Well, no need to worry because according to leading doctors, magnetic eyelashes are extremely safe, and in fact, they are a lot safer than the alternative false eyelashes. The traditional false eyelashes are required to be applied using glue close to the eye area which can get really dangerous for new users.

Is there a hassle-free way to apply Magnetic Eyelashes?

Despite its name, it is fairly simple to clip on the magnetic eyelashes. Although the complexity of the process may differ through different products, there is a simple and common three-fold procedure that will help you get the job done. However, we strongly recommend following the instructions mentioned on the package to avoid any unwanted damages to the eyes.


Step one: You might want to start off by curling your eyelashes using a lashes curler to ensure there is a solid base for the product’s magnets to stick upon.


Step two: Moving on, you should apply a fresh coat of mascara. Now one might think, how is that a recommended step? Well, if there’s anything that provides a defining detail to your natural lashes, we believe you should definitely apply it!


Now the advantage of the addition of a layer of mascara comes in the shape of a light, soft, and doe-eyed look which will feel complete after you apply the false lashes. Here’s a tidbit to avoid a major disaster, never apply mascara directly to your magnetic lashes. This may result in a weird clumpy look and eventually, it will destroy them for any further use.


Step three: Finally, you need to apply the magnetic eyelashes. For a new user, this step can be a little tricky at first but trust us when we say that it gets easier with time. You should start by holding the edges of the false eyelashes and continue by rolling them softly in a rainbow-shaped structure. This finesse will help you put the natural curvy look in the lashes that you want.

What do we recommend?

As the cosmetics industry is welcoming advancements, many brands are adopting the trend and improving their products. Suffice to say, these are confusing times to choose the best options. This is why we, at Zaya Beauty, are striving to provide our customers with the most advanced and improved cosmetics products to ensure that our customers stay updated on the latest fashion trends. Moreover, we want our customers to admire others with their aesthetic fashion sense. Enter: Zaya Beauty Magnetic Eyelashes & Eyeliner.


Our diverse list of magnetic eyelashes helps you choose the right product for yourself to get rid of the messy and sticky fake eyelashes alternatives and elevate your makeup style.

If you are interested to know about our lashes product line, you can find it here.

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